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TG-57 Danielle Kara Scene 2Featuring: Danielle
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So Danielle drops by for a solo shoot and happens to bring her friend Kara just to watch. Kara was all about the shoot, she had tons of ideas and was FULL of sexuality and was even getting turned on watching Danielle. I carefully made the casual suggestion that she ought to do a scene with Danielle, to my surprise she said YES! Kara did have a slight hesitation but after some prodding from Danielle she went for it! The scene starts with Danielle and Kara coming back from a lame party slightly drunk but without and guys, that doesn't seem to bother them one bit as they literally jump each other' bones! Danielle is hot as hell in this scene and Kara really gets into it! The lighting is a bit grainy as it was a total spur of the moment deal, I didn't want Kara to get any second thoughts during the whole setup.

7 minute(s), 34 second(s) of video

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